Jamie Hoyle, est. Bury, 1997.



When I was 8 years of age, I accidentally opened Microsoft Frontpage, and ever since then I’ve wanted to make things for the internet. After completing my A-Levels, I took a gap year to perform software consultancy by day and build a startup by night. During this time, I worked with everyone from huge corporations like the BBC to startups like WIFIPLUG.

In 2017, I joined MirrorWeb as their first hire. As SVP, Product, I focus on product strategy, execution, and culture within our growing organisation.

I am active in local politics, and at the 2019 General Election I helped to return two Bury MPs for my party for the first time since 1992.

I’m a passionate Bury FC fan, temporarily without a club, and I occasionally podcast at A Tale of Three Scarves.



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