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MirrorWeb is a unified communications archiving company based in Manchester, England, with significant presence in the United States of America.

Started by three Brits above a pub, MirrorWeb has grown to become the digital archivist of choice for governments, brands, and financial services organisations.

What I do

I was the first hire at MirrorWeb in 2017, coming on to help build all parts of their platform, from core archiving infrastructure to customer front-end. In 2020, during the pandemic, I began leading our engineering team, and at the end of 2021 I was became our SVP, Product.

At MirrorWeb, I focus on product strategy, execution, and culture within our growing organisation. I design products that help preserve the history of nations as well as make compliance cheaper, faster, and easier for financial services firms.

What we’ve built

We power the UK Government Web Archive, which contains the web and social media history of government since 1997.

We archive the digital history of household names in financial services and consumer goods.

We’ve built market-leading website capture technology, designed for the modern web (such as this one!)